Caption Contest July 30th Finalists

Ang and Pete took some time to narrow down what they believe are their favourite captions, now it’s time to help us pick the BEST one. Scroll through the below images and when you’re done vote which one you think is the funniest, using the Facebook post below! Voting closes on August 5th at 9:00 am! Click here […]

Kayak Fishing in Algoma

We here at Fish’n Canada love the fact that we get to meet so many like-minded people in the outdoor industry and get to share stories with them. We recently got a note from Outdoor Canada’s Scott Gardner about a kayak fishing adventure that he was about to embark on with a couple of friends. […]

Ang & Pete’s Top 10 Soft Plastic Baits

Sponsored by Ram Trucks Soft plastic baits have been around for what seems like eons. The reason for such longevity is, of course, they catch fish! In the world of artificial baits, soft plastics have probably caught more fish than any other type or style of bait. Now that may not be a fair comparison […]

Fish’n Canada’s Top 10 Dropshot Baits

From the St Lawrence River to Saskatchewan, from Smallmouth to Largemouth, the Dropshot method will work just about anywhere you are willing to throw it. The two fish pictured above were taken by Dropshotting and were done so thousands of kilometres apart. Sponsored By: Ram Trucks Dropshots have certainly claimed the finesse fishing thone over […]

Will The Real Pickerel Please Stand Up?

The familiar shaped/colored fish in this picture might just surprise you as to its true identity. For starters, it is not a Pike. Nor is it a Muskie. Nor is it a Tiger Muskie. This fish actually puts all arguments to rest when it comes to the Walleye vs Pickerel debate.  We know, right about […]


Sponsored By Garmin WHAT IS STRUCTURE AND WHAT IS COVER? The underwater world is a marvelous yet complex realm. Ocean, lake, river, and pond beds are made up of mostly natural elements carved out over thousands of years consisting of either geological materials or vegetation. Yes, there are man-made elements down there as well such […]

Fish’n Canada Caption Contest – July 2021

We want to hear more of your clever, hilarious, and out-of-the-box caption ideas on some classic Fish’n Canada photos! Submit your best caption and you could win an Autographed Fish’n Canada Hat! The submission deadline is 12 p.m. (EST) on July 26th. You can submit your comment by sending us an email at Use the […]

Our Top 10 Boat Driving Tips

Sponsored by Princecraft Boats Driving a boat is second nature to guys like Ang and Pete, who, combined, have over a hundred years’ experience at the helm… wait…WOW are they that old??? Well with age comes knowledge so who better to ask about the boating do’s and don’ts than the boys of the Fish’n Canada […]

First Lodge Trip Report: Great Ontario Get-Away Give-Away

Well some people sure aren’t letting the pandemic get in the way of a good time, and justifiably so! We just received a report from Raven Ouelette, our 5th place April contest winner as she recently returned from her prize package, an all inclusive trip to Marmac Lodge on Esnagi Lake. In Raven’s email to […]

10 Essential Items in Fish’n Canada’s Princecraft Boat

Sponsored by Princecraft Boats When Ang and Pete hit the water, they have a list of essential items that they cannot spend the day on a boat without. Aside from (or maybe along with) the obvious boat safety items, there are a lot that are specific to fishing and even to certain species; that adds […]