Paul Kirtley’s: Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft

Good anglers may know their way around their tackle box – but do they know how to use their axe, knife and saw. If not – and we all know we need to fit in that category – check out this new book. It’s awesome.  Paul Kirtley is a professional bushcraft instructor in the UK. […]

Algonquin Spring Trout

“Things fishermen know about trout aren’t facts, but articles of faith.“ —John Gierach To many park users, trout fishing defines Algonquin. Hundreds of anglers dream of the yearly ritual of heading out on opening season day, paddling and portaging deep into the interior in search of trophy square tails and fat lakers, praying the ice […]

Kevin Callan Reviews: Journey of 1000 Miles

Good news. Hank and Tanya’s second book – Journey of 1000 Miles – is now out in paperback form. It’s an incredible adventure! I’ve spent time with Hank and Tanya and their dogs at their Winterdance Dogsled Tours business in Haliburton, Ontario. They truly live an amazing life, and their latest book depicts it perfectly. […]

Is a Dutch Oven Worth Using While Winter Camping?

One of the best ways to cook a delicious meal while out camping is to use the traditional Dutch Oven. It seems everyone that’s tried it are absolute die-hard fans. However, campers that haven’t cooked a meal with one generally question if it’s worth the weight and bulk. I generally use my Dutch Oven during […]

Kevin Callan’s Classic Camp Gear

Kevin hauling his camp gear

Maybe I shouldn’t have cleaned my gear shed. Finding a camp mug I’d used back in days of my high school “outers club,” or watching VHS tapes of past camping trips, really got me thinking. It’s obvious that things change. It’s a natural process. Heck, twenty years ago I had a mullet and wore John […]

How To Make Cowboy Coffee

Enjoying Cowboy Coffee

True camp coffee is nothing but real grounds-and-water-in-the-pot coffee. Bring water to a rolling boil, take it off the heat source, dump in one generous tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup of water, and let it steep (covered) alongside the campfire for approximately five to ten minutes. To settle the grounds, tap a spoon on […]

Camping on Crown Land

Camping on Crown Land

Check out my latest KCHappyCamper video about Crown land camping and how to use the Atlas, and figure out what species of fish are in the lakes and if/when they were stocked.  One of the Best Wilderness Assets Finding a piece of Crown land—a place that has good campsites, great fishing, and no crowds—is like […]

Southwestern Ontario Canoe Trip: Paddling and Fishing Wallaceburg Water Trails

Paddling A Canoe

Kevin Callan, aka “The Happy Camper”, visits The Wallaceburg Water Trails, one of his favourite Southern Ontario canoe spots in this video. “I think my dog, Angel, stole the show,” Kevin admits. For old times’ sake, I headed down to my past stompin’ grounds in Southwestern Ontario’s Chatham-Kent to paddle and fish. I grew up in Southern […]